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Derivatives Daily
Market Wrap25-09-2018

  • BSE Sensex ended the session down 536.58 points or 1.46 percent at 36,305.02, extending losses for the fifth straight session.
  • Nifty was making newer low for last 4 trading sessions but yesterday though nifty was down 175 points still nifty spot has managed defend its previous day low of 10866 and closed near 10967.40.
  • Nifty if moves above 11025 one can play for pull back till 11185 and 11210 and support would be 10926– 10893 and 10860.
  • Yesterday NIFTY future was down 1.5%  with  decrease in O I by 9%.
  • Put O I Reduction was seen at 11300 followed by 11100 and  Call O I addition was seen at 11100 followed by 11000

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Derivatives Daily

Morning Podcast Dated 25.09.2018

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Derivatives Daily
Market Wrap24-09-2018

  • The benchmark 30-shares BSE Sensex moved in the range of 37,489-35,994, swinging nearly 1,500 points during the day, before ending the session down 279.62 points or 0.75 percent at 36,841.60.
  • In nifty there was a strong support level around 11176 which breached on Friday and made sharp fall around 10866 and made bounce back and closed to 11143.
  • Nifty if moves above 11176 resistance would be 11250 – 11340 and support would be 11070 – 10935 and 10864.
  • Friday NIFTY future was down 0.9% with decrease in O I by 7.2%. Put O I Reduction was seen at 11300 followed by 11200 and Call O I reduction was seen at 11500 followed by 11400.
  • Immediate Resistance is around 11200 & Major Resistance is around 11400 for the September Series.

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