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Equity is difference of the value of assets and liabilities of a company. Shareholder's equity represents the equity of a company as divided amongst individual shareholders.

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F & O

A future and is a contract to buy or sell the underlying asset for a specific price at a pre-determined time on or before a specific date.

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Currency Derivatives has also emerged as an important and interesting new asset class for investors. Currency options would provide an opportunity to take a view on exchange rate and fulfill both investment and hedging objectives.

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Commodity market is an essential constituent of the financial markets where a wide variety of products, viz., precious metals, base metals, crude oil, energy, soft commodities and agricultural produce are traded. 

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Mutual Funds

A professionally managed investment fund collected from many investors for the purpose of investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments and similar assets. 

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Margin Funding

The funds that brokerages arrange to finance investors’ share purchases. This provides an opportunity for investors to invest more than they could by using their own money and increase the potential returns.

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More then 20 years of experience and having excellence review from our clients and franchise.

Getting right time right guideline for such a small portfolio I earn sizeable amount in my small portfolio.

Aruna Chopra - Mumbai

Maximum transparency of brokerage and charges so it always help us to do trade and back office support is excellence.

Rajkumar Oja - Mumbai

Excellence technology i liked it very much, it's very user friendly to use.

Raj Sing - Mumbai

Inventure know what I want from market and I got what I want.

Anand Shah - Mumbai